A: You may post your problem on either Steam, e-mail or Discord.

A: For now Contain will be at PC. However, we are interested on releasing it on other platforms too.

A: There is an organization that directs many task forces that are trying to control objects of supernatural origin that have fallen from space. The story centers on a special task force called the Giants.

A: This one is the most asked question probably, we are thinking over it. For now, we can neither confirm nor deny.

A: We are putting a real effort to ensure the game runs at its best possible capability. But remember, during the Early Access Beta you may experience variable performance issues.

A: The future paid DLC for Contain (we want to bring at least two more) will come with the continuity of the story that we build, we are planning to bring more action in the new missions along with new forces and locations.

A: Definitely not.

A: We don’t want to bring Cosmetic Store. But want to give our community to chance to buy supporter packs that include cosmetics for those who want to support us more. These options probably will be added to our Steam Store at later date after the start of the Early Access phase.

A: No, nothing outside of checking if the game is owned on Steam.

A: No, you can play offline by yourself. But the experimental builds, extra beta builds ofc will require an online connection.

A: For now no, but any of our community member free to mod the game. But official mod support is also planned for later date after the start of the Early Access phase.

A: This is a FPS game, ofc there is blood and curse words. 🙂

A: At the begining of early access phase there isn’t but we are working on it and want to bring that feature asap.

A: With early access, we are able to gather vital feedback from our players and make changes to the game to bring it to its final shape. This wouldn’t be possible with a full release.

A: We don’t want to pass more than 12 months in Early Access.

A: We will be adding more missions, weapons, models, content, and UI/UX as the story unfolds. Improved performance with full optimization.

A: Players can enjoy the current missions in the early beta build of the game. You can take a look at gunsmithing and character customizations. Also, we can easily say the current version holds our vision for the game.

A: We have no plans to increase the price of the game during early access period. We intend to increase the price when we release the game.

A: Currently, we are taking feedback and reports from our discord server. The game is shaped by both the community and us. Don’t forget to join on Discord!

A: Contain is a self-publishing game by SingingGiant studios.

A: Please, contact us at

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